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Get Your Words Out

I just signed up for Get Your Words Out getyourwordsout, and now I'm wondering what the hell was in my coffee.

I chose the 250k moderate target. MODERATE. I mean, I know I need a kick in the ass to actually put words on paper/screen, and surely I can manage 683 words per day. Right?

Right. So, time to dig out those half finished original stories which I want to complete, and expand the drabbles of fics which need fleshing out and finishing off. 2016 is the Year of Writing Dangerously. Or at least, regularly.

I wonder if all the forms I need to fill out for emigrating back to Canada could count towards my daily target...
I love these guys <3

Title: I'll Be Your Shield
Author: 17pansies
Artist: Positivesarcasm
Rating: AO3 - E
Pairings: Steve/Bucky
Warnings: None


"If he's just minor nobility, why does he need a bodyguard?" Steve shoved the folder which held Barnes' details towards the middle of the table. "He's not exactly prime kidnap material."

"His parents aren't worried about kidnapping," Fury said. "They need someone to steer him away from the dumb ass situations he keeps getting into."

"You mean he needs a babysitter." Steve sat back and folded his arms. "Seriously."

Link to Fic: Read it here on AO3
Link to Art: See it here on Tumblr
Title: Tempestatibus Bonum Est
Prompt: Adversity makes strange bedfellows
Verse: ACD
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: Explicit (ish)
Length: 3602
Warnings: Lots of talk about the weather /o\
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Blasted weather. Or the one where Watson is feeling cooped up and Holmes watches him.

Written in about 15 hours, 7 of which I was asleep.

Over here on AO3.

Book Bingo!

After a series of Twitter conversations with Jenn @milknotsugar and Anna @cinnamonanna and Hils @hils_k, it has been decided that 2014 is the Year of Reading Dangerously.  Or at least, the Year of Reading Slightly Out of One's Comfort Zone. #YORD as a hashtag is a little shorter than #YORSOOOCZ, although the latter sounds WAY cooler.

Anyhoo, reading is the top of my list of resolutions for 2014, and I don't mean slogging through the C/C tag on AO3 (or the knotting one or the coffee shop AU one or the orgasm delay/denial one, as entertaining as they may be).  I want to go back to reading real books because with a little luck that might motivate me to actually get on and finish some of my own original fic.  Because I have so bloody much of the stuff languishing on my hard drive... maybe I should make that resolution #3, to finish writing at least three of my original works of fiction. That's after #2 which is sort the bloody paperwork out but that's another story entirely.

To that end, I'm going to spend the next couple of days gathering up some of the many (many, MANY) books I have lurking around the place waiting to be read.  I also have about half a dozen that have been started but not finished, so will get those completed during the year too.  And not start more until I've finished the part-reads!

Lists to follow....

Time for me will be no more

Artist: sian1359
Author: 17pansies
Fic Title: Time for me will be no more
Pairing(s): Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Word Count: 5875
Warnings: Canonical character death (fixed!)
Summary: It was the marching band that Clint remembered most clearly. 

Written for this lovely art from Sian as part of the Avengers Reverse Big Bang 2013.

Also on AO3 here Time for me will be no more

The first time Clint ever saw a marching band, he was nine years old and hiding behind Barney.Collapse )

21 Opening Lines Meme

Because paperclipbitch and torakowalski were talking about it on Twitter, and I thought, why not.  Even if half of these haven't been posted yet because I'm a procrastinating perfectionist with a bad case of OCD that can't finish/post anything lately.

one  “One of these days, young lady, you’re going to embark on one adventure too many.”

two “What are you gawping at?” he grumbled, digging through the mess of odds and sods and crap in the drawer under the fish tank.

three The gunshot echoed between the trees, the sound bounced back by the snowy hillside behind them and the trunks of the ancient, naked broadleaves.

four The searing pain in his chest faded rapidly, but not before it had brought him to full, screaming wakefulness.

five Fury didn’t bother trying to gather them all together on the helicarrier - he’d done that once before and look how well that had ended.

six "Wait, Tony," Gibbs drew back and Tony's little whine of disappointment hit him low in the gut.

seven “And what message would you like on the card?” Clint asked.

eight Why he had to be the one to do this was a question he’d never quite gotten a full answer to.

nine “Ya gonna stand there all day?” a rough, gravelly voice said behind him.

ten  Somewhere, something beeped quietly to itself and there was the odd lingering taste in the back of her mouth which spoke of oxygen and antiseptic and rubber face masks.

eleven “I really don’t care if a portal to Leonides XVI just opened in your backyard, madam,” Jasper  said with a long suffering sigh.

twelve The explosion was big, bigger than any of them had seen in a while and that was saying something.

thirteen The temple was small for the deity, but big enough to dwarf the market place.

fourteen  Amsterdam is a city of bridges and water and impossibly tall, skinny, crooked little houses crammed shoulder to shoulder like drunken stags holding one another up as they stumble between tiny bars and live sex shows and that alleyway lined with glass doors behind which half naked women sit and pose and smile at you like eels, luring you in with a wink and a-

fifteen Danny rolled his eyes as the kahuna waved his palm leaves around, but then caught Steve’s warning glare and sighed.

sixteen Phil’s eyes snapped open a fraction of a second before he gasped, drawing in a searing breath and choking on air.

seventeen The point of the knife flicks each button of his shirt off, pinging them away into the darkness.

eighteen “You get everywhere, don’t you?” a voice from behind asked.

nineteen The windmill spun lazily in the faint afternoon breeze.

twenty The Wives lined up in the old meeting hall.

twenty one The sudden drop in temperature had wrought the most remarkable of changes.

Birthday musings

There are Avengers feels taking over my life right now.

Read more...Collapse )

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My twelve year old wrote a story. WTF?

I got this via email - she's been working with her dad at his florist shop and whilst Daddy was cashing up, D wrote this and sent it to me.

And if any of you lot breathe one word about hereditary madness, I will adamantly maintain that yes it does exist and you get it from your children!

Once upon a time like every fantasy story starts there lived in the land of inter-flora the king J was sat on his throne cashing up his shop after a long day at work where his daughter D had made her first bouquet that had pretty pink carnations and gerber and freesia and pretty purple irises and pink roses it looked amazing and she felt very pleased with herself. When King J had finished and gone back to his palace he had a lovely meal and went to bed, he had a dream where he dreamed of ................. Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows :D lol. And cheesecake on wheels that was driven by a pig not any ordinary pig he was a flying pig called Mr Porkers and he was friends with a talking fox that was married to a talking seal that had a seal army that owned an army of back flipping bunnies that had an army of tap dancing frogs ( it's very complicated ... Very complicated) any way Mr Porkers had a best friend the magical flying pixie horse  they had known each other since play school.

So yeah, my daughter's first LJ post.  I need vodka...